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WeChat advertising Canada is a rising trend for marketers trying to advertise to the Chinese market. The platform recently opened up the opportunity for WeChat Advertisers to start promoting themselves. Now, with close to 1 billion worldwide users*, and over 3 million users in Canada, we want to help guide you to jump on this new platform before your competitors do.

What is WeChat Advertising Canada?

WeChat advertising is basically a program that is enabling companies to advertise on mobile users timeline or at the bottom of the WeChat Official Account articles. Similar to Facebook ads, but much more powerful.

There are 3 types of WeChat Advertising options:

WeChat advertising Canada

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  1. WeChat Banner Advertising
  2. WeChat Key Opinion Leader Advertising
  3. WeChat Moments Advertising


WeChat Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is like any banner ad you see on a website. However, within WeChat, they will be featured at the bottom of a message and they are written by a WeChat Official Account.

wechat advertising Canada

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WeChat Banner Ads:

  • Standard Banner Ads
  • KOL Banner (Key Opinion Leader)

Great for branding your business, advertisers can’t control which account their ads appear on. They can only select a few targeting metrics including gender, location, age and the type of account that the banners are displayed.  The targeting is similar to WeChat moment Ads.

WeChat Banner Ads have 3 Elements:

  1. The Article
  2. Ad banner, which contains a company logo, account name, and a headline.
  3. Call-To-Action, a clickable link that takes the user to a landing page. These links can take a user to claim a coupon code, buy a product, send them to a web page, download an app or signup link.

Key Opinion Leader Banner Ads:

With KOL banner ads the advertiser and WeChat official Accounts must both agree on the cost-paid-per view, by the advertiser. This could range from 80,000 to 100,000 views.


How Much Do WeChat Banner Ads Cost?

Standard WeChat Banner Ads:

Both Foreign Companies and Chinese Companies have a minimum entry price of $8,000 USD

KOL Banner Ad Cost:

Kol Banner ads are much more expensive and they are also based on performance-based ads. It will depend on the price and target.


WeChat Key Opinion Leader

Also known as Influencers, WeChat KOL’s are another way of promoting products based on a product giveaway, flat fee or results based fee. Essentially, you are hiring someone with a massive following to promote, or ‘push’ your post on their WeChat account, similar to Instagram Influencers.

Pushing a message can either be a piece of content including your banner ad, or a full article that mentions your brand.

A KOL typically has a following of 500,000+ and are known to drive more than a couple of hundred unit sales within posting of 1 article. Finding the perfect KOL is difficult, however, it has its advantages.


How Much Do Influencers Charge?

The cost of working with a WeChat KOL or influencer can vary.  You can pay as much as $50k USD for a single push message! Or as little as $100 USD for a banner ad. This all depends on your target market, the competition and of course who you want promoting your post.

You can find WeChat influencers by visiting parklu.com.


WeChat Moments Advertising

This is the most familiar way of advertising for Canada and the USA advertisers. These ad types are similar to Facebook ads that appear on your timeline.

WeChat Moments restricts its advertisers with 2 major rules:

  1. Only Foreign company willing to invest $1,500 – 8,000 USD
  2. Company must be registered in Mainland China with a minimum investment of $8,000 USD


What is WeChat Moments Advertising?

Before launching WeChat moments ads, companies were relentlessly trying to figure out ways of targeting users by promoting their brands on WeChat’s ‘timeline’. It wasn’t until early 2015 when WeChat moments advertising launched and major brands like Mercedes-Benz© and even Coca Cola© were of the first to participate.

The price of posting on moments ranged from roughly $1.50 to $60 per post with a reach of over 300,000 WeChat users. This use to be a very manual and time-consuming task.

Moment Advertising Elements:

  • Brand name and Profile picture
  • Ad Description, Up to 40 characters
  • Up to 6 images or a 6-15 sec. short video
  • Link to a HTML5 webpage (Must be hosted on Tencent’s server)
  • Users can like and comment on Moment Ads

WeChat Moment ads can target users by Geo-Location, Age, Gender, Device, Interest and by phone network.

To target Chinese tourists, there are a couple of restrictions including countries and rates. Currently, the minimum entry price to advertise in the following countries is $8,000 USD:

The minimum entry price to advertise in the following countries is $8,000 USD:

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Korea
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United States

The minimum entry price to advertise in these following countries is roughly $1,500 USD:

  • Canada
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • New Zealand

If you have any questions about WeChat or would like to learn how your business can benefit from targeting Chinese tourists, contact us today and one of our directors will be happy to speak to you.


*WeChat stats source: expandedramblings.com

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