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Excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do at Stigan Media. Since we have clients large and small from a wide range of industries, there is not a “one size fits all” formula. Instead, we take the time to get to know our clients.

Our in depth process allows us to come up with a strategy that is perfect for you. We discover you what you need in order to build, engage, and convert traffic into customers and profits.

How? By offering a wide range of services. We will work with you to combine what services you need, depending on your goals.

Web Design

We build websites that are clean, concise and easy to use. Our websites engage audiences and convert traffic into profits. Each website we design is custom-made to appeal to your existing clientele and to entice potential clients. We make sure that your website reflects your business. Just like snowflakes, no two websites are the same.


Mobile Sites

Mobile compatibility is one of the most overlooked areas in marketing design but we believe it should be a high priority. More people browse on the go than ever before. We build mobile compatible sites to complement your original website for an easy browsing experience. We make it convenient and stress-free for your customers to do business with you from wherever they are.


Social Media

The online community is where conversations start. Social media can be a very powerful and effective part of your business model if done properly. We will help you discover what strategy is right for you. We can build your profiles, teach you how to use them, update your content, and advise you on how to maintain them. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest or Houzz, we can increase your exposure to drive high quality traffic to your site.



Search Engine Marketing – Almost every transaction begins with an online search. Your presence is important. SEM is one of the quickest, most cost effective ways to stand out in the digital world. We can build you a custom-made SEM plan, which can include discovering your most profitable keywords and creating the highest converting pay-per-click ads. We will maximize your return on investment, and send you easy to read reports so that you can stay up-to-date.



Search Engine Optimization – Boosting your ranking on a search engine can have drastic effects on your bottom line. You want to be at the top, and we can help you get there. Our SEO expertise comes from years of experience, and our proven methods will make your site will more visible on search engine results pages. We use a systematic combination of key words, phrases, videos, links and other rich content so that your business will be easily found.


Copy Writing

Good copy will engage your customers with strong, strategic messages. It will enhance your brand, increase customer loyalty, and be search engine friendly. Our copy writing services include web content, blogging, research articles, editing, and marketing materials.


Graphic Design

Your visual message will leave customers with a lasting impression. You want it to be bold, readable and to get people curios. Our graphics design team is fuelled by creativity, experience, and attention to detail. They can create a customized package for your company whether it’s a branding overhaul or just a few tweaks to get rid of the clutter. Services include logo design, business card and marketing material creation, and, of course, website design.


Agency White Labelling

If you are a marketing company that needs to fill in some gaps for your clients, we offer agency white labeling services. Our team of experts covers all the bases. We can fill in as your marketing department or offer specialized services so that your customers are as satisfied as ours.


Landing Pages

An effective site will entice your customers to do… something. Sometimes that means simply signing up or clicking through. We customize landing pages that target your customers. Whether it is a click through landing page or a lead generation landing page, we can determine what is right for you.


Business & Marketing Consultation

Sometimes a company needs more than a new logo or an updated website. It needs knowledge. It needs to know what it’s doing right, what it can learn from its competitors, where the market is trending, and so on. At Stigan Media, we work closely with each business to understand exactly what they need in order to grow. Whether it’s a start up or an established business, a company in a slump or just on the edge of expansion, we examine all angles put marketing strategies in place. Stigan Media’s consultation services assess key areas of concern, offers innovative solutions and builds cost effective campaigns. Our methods are strategy driven with proven success.


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