Copy Writing

Copy Writing

Don’t Sacrifice Content for Style

One of the most important aspects of your website is communicating what your company has to offer. So many design companies focus solely on developing a website that they fail to consider what is being said to customers.

Stigan Media ensures you have both ­– that every aspect of your brand is represented and communicated with strong, strategized content and well-branded design. Our copywriting goes beyond merely introducing your business to readers, and instead focuses on enhancing your brand while creating customer loyalty and Search Engine friendly content.

Simple, Concise, and Direct Copywriting Services

With more and more readers scanning websites, articles, and other marketing materials instead of extensively reading them, you need to make sure your services are expertly communicated to even the shortest attention spans. We offer a number of services that will help you grab consumers’ eyes.

Web Content

Content is king, and nowhere is that more true than on your website. Great web content will work hard for your business to engage and attract potential customers, weaving them through your website with ease.

Blogging and Articles

If your company doesn’t have a blog, you might be straggling behind your competitors in online visibility. Websites with blogs have 55% more visitors. Don’t have the time? We do, and will gladly showcase what your business has to offer on your blog.

Copy Review and Polishing

Do you already have copy written for your site or marketing project? We can edit existing copy for spelling and clarity, or freshen up previous work by giving it a facelift.

Marketing Collateral

Audiences respond differently to print and online copy. Ensure you’re optimizing both by having Stigan take care of your marketing’s copy editing, newsletters, brochures, direct mail, press releases, and more.

Stigan’s copywriting experts have cutting edge knowledge of market trends, always ensuring your content is optimized for SEO to boost your online visibility and lead your business towards success. We focus on your company’s key themes and messages, grabbing hold of customers and engaging them with what you have to offer.

To learn more about Copy Writing and how it can help your businesses online presence, call or submit a contact form and we would be pleased to help you.