What is Content Optimization?


How Can Content Marketing Help My Business And Why Is Content King?

When you’re looking for online advice or a marketing company to help you grow your online presence, its important to understand why ‘Content Is King‘, what content is? And the biggest question, how to use good content?

If you look up “Content” on Wikipedia, here’s what you’ll find:


Web content is the textual, visual or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. It may include, among other things: text,imagessoundsvideos and animations.


Basically, content is the copy or text, pictures & video used to explain and illustrate your products & services. However, the type of content is ranked differently and yes it could work together to benefit your website, and we’ve seen in several occasions a websites content negatively affecting their online performance.

If your website includes images, you need to make sure that your image file has an ‘alt-tag’ or ‘alternative text’. Consider this, someone who is blind scrolling through your website and needs to look up one of the images on your web page. If you didn’t add a ‘name’ or ‘alt-tag’ to your image, how will they know what you are showing? The same goes with crawlers and bots, they crawl the web looking for specific content containing the keywords that are related to the search query.

Similar mistakes are seen when naming the file used on a website… An example of this is when your uploading a file and you dont change the file name. Now, the search engine crawls your website and finds a file named ‘IMG_3312.jpg”, but you are showing a picture of the latest product that you’re selling. The correct way of doing this (and is part of good SEO or White-Hat-SEO) is to rename the image file to relate to what you are featuring. This also helps when it comes to building your website and organizing your content.

In some cases we’ve seen entire websites build with pictures that include all the businesses contact details, products and services within the image. Yes thats great for someone who is looking at the webpage if the graphic designer created a vibrant looking picture, but it is not good for Search Engine Optimization.


Whats the buzz around “Content is King”?

If you haven’t heard it before, Im sure you’ll hear it again soon. Content Is King. What is meant by this is that if you have a website and need to deliver a message, you need as much content to back your statement. Video, images and good original copy are part of having good content, which makes content king.

Video content is a big part of good SEO, heck, its the reason why Youtube.com is the 2nd largest search engine. People like video! The graph below shows the Percentage of Marketers Using Each Content or Offer.

Another reason video content is important is the possibility of it going viral! Social Media has the power to take your video from 11 views to over 1 million over night. Social platforms like Vine, Instagram & Youtube are some of the most powerful social channels available to use to grow your online video content.

Content Optimization and Content Marketing along with Social Media can be overwhelming and at times confusing for most business owners. If you need some clarification or a brief lesson on what you need for your business needs, call us and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.