Social Media Scams that Take Over your Account


During the last couple of days I have seen numerous Facebook posts about the Free Costco card. As well I would say almost everyday I get the Twitter message that someone is spreading horrible rumours about me! If you have had these you may or may not know they are actually SCAMS!

It’s not the greatest idea to go about clicking on any old link you see, that is a good way to get viruses and your accounts get hacked. As a General Rule I live by if the deal is too good to be true or unbelievable I usually don’t click. You can always Google the deal to check it out too.

Today I will reveal two of those fraudsters so you don’t get caught in the scam.

1. Get your Free $500 Dollars Costco Voucher!

It used to be a $100 Dollars today it was $500 what a steal! Here is an excerpt from SOPHOS blog.

“Let’s take a second to think this through properly.

If you assume the message is true, and that Costco really is prepared to give “all Facebook users” a $100 gift card, and believe that Facebook are correct in saying that they have over 800 million users, that means…

#takes out calculator..

A jaw-dropping maximum of $80,000,000,000 (80 billion US dollars)! That’s quite a budget Costco has there for its social media campaign! 🙂 “

If you click on the link it will ask you to share with your friends, so now your spreading it even more. Then your directed to a survey, the scam is that they get paid every survey completed.

2. Someone is Spreading Nasty Rumours about you on Twitter!

Can you believe it? How dare they? What are they saying??!?!?! Don’t get to riled up.  There are many variations of the message here are some examples:

  • Did you see that video of you last night?
  • I saw that picture of you and can’t stop laughing
  • Hey someone is posting horrible rumors about you
  • Yo! Someone is saying nasty things about you
  • Hey Slut! I love that picture someone posted of you

After each post is a link, you click on the link and your directed to a sign-in page, but really it’s a fake sign in page. When you enter in your information your Twitter handle get’s hijacked and Direct Message’s sent to all your Followers.

If you have been compromised change your password right away, then check all the apps that are authorized to make sure they are Kosher.

These are the top two that I have seen today, I am sure there will be many more over the holiday season. Have you been a victim to a Scam? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.